• Savox HC-1 hjelmgarniture lang arm

Savox HC-1 hjelmgarniture lang arm

  • Varenummer: L52005
  • Lagerstatus: Bestillingsvare
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- Lang arm (findes også med kort arm)

- Hjelmgarniture/talegarniture/headset

The SAVOX original HC-1 is a compact helmet communication system (helmet-com®) for professionals working in hazardous conditions. It easily mounts into most helmet types and provides clear and hands-free communication. The SAVOX HC-1 is field-prove for over 20 years by fire fighters and emergency services personnel.

Key benefits

  • Dirt protected (IP56)
  • Bone conductive microphone located inside the helmet 
  • Stays clean and intact compared to a boom microphone 
  • Speech is picked up through the skull, therefore can be used with or without a face mask 
  • Includes separate speaker adapters for MSA Gallet helmets 
  • Unique fastening strap that easily mounts into most types of helmets

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